An Author’s Guide to Getting and Using Book Reviews by David Wogham

Writing book reviews is a challenge for many indie authors. Yet, it is an essential skill to learn early on in any publishing venture. In The Book Review Companion: An Author’s Guide to Getting and Using Book Reviews, David Wogham explains the process of getting reviews and why they are essential in a step-by-step manner.… Continue reading An Author’s Guide to Getting and Using Book Reviews by David Wogham

Quotes to Fit the Day

September 9, 2020“To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess, especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others. ”― Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron May 11, 2020  You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to… Continue reading Quotes to Fit the Day

Wordsworth and Daffodils

Each year, around spring, when the daffodils are out, I think of William Wordsworth’s poem “I wondered Lonely as a Cloud,” written in 1804. This poem has become my prayer at every spring celebration table, such as Easter Day dinner. I grew up a Catholic, and that’s my way of celebrating rebirth and renewed hope… Continue reading Wordsworth and Daffodils

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Humanism or Religious Dogma

I was born a Humanist in a religious household, and that created a battle between the values taught at home and school and my developing mind. Parents and church would like say that I was born a Catholic, that I have no choice about that just as much as children born into a Jewish family… Continue reading Humanism or Religious Dogma

Structure of a Novel

Lessons on Structure Learned from Writing My First Book If there’s one lesson I learned about how to structure a novel is that it involved a lot more than the basic five elements of plot shown in the classic diagram of building a novel.  It took me more than ten years to write my debut… Continue reading Structure of a Novel

Interview with an Immigrant

Canaries Can’t Cry Anchored in the Adriatic is the tiny island called Sansego, where people live their lives in heavy labor, faith, and superstition, working the land from cockcrow to vespers and the sea from vespers to cockcrow. This is the birthplace of author Antonia Burgato who, in Canaries Can’t Cry, stitches the stories her mother… Continue reading Interview with an Immigrant

The Challenge of Writing in a Second Language

Writing in a second language is a challenge, for sure, but the result is often superior to that of writing in the comfort of the first language. Samuel Beckett, the Irish playwright and novelist, said that he wrote in French “out of a need to be ill equipped.” Indeed, there’s something to that. I am… Continue reading The Challenge of Writing in a Second Language

Galani Venice Style

It is a common occurrence in social gatherings to place of big bowl of galani in the center of the table with a jug of red wine, much the way Americans would put a bowl of potato chips and a pitcher of beer, except that the galani are always homemade. I fully embrace my American culture now together with my Veneto-Dalmatian heritage, and on, occasion, I heartily put of bowl of potato chips and a pitcher of beer on the table.