Wordsworth and Daffodils

Each year, around spring, when the daffodils are out, I think of William Wordsworth’s poem “I wondered Lonely as a Cloud,” written in 1804. This poem has become my prayer at every spring celebration table, such as Easter Day dinner. I grew up a Catholic, and that’s my way of celebrating rebirth and renewed hope although I don’t practice religion. I practice tradition.

There is joy and optimism in this poem that makes me soar through the clouds and see the earth below carpeted with colors. There’s a light breeze—music to the flowers—and daffodils dance with the blades of grass and release their scents of new life, which reach me, among the clouds, and I am reborn.

In the spirit of renewal, I have recently received news that permits to rebuild my burned home are at their final stage. New hope, indeed!

Enjoy this poem full wonder, peace, and joy.

I dedicate this post to my dearest friends Dolly and Robert Martin whose optimism inspire me to persevere with my writing.  


One thought on “Wordsworth and Daffodils

  1. Dear Tonia,

    What an honor to have this lovely poem dedicated to us! We are so grateful!
    Your words are inspiring and bring out the best in others.

    So happy to hear that progress at last is being made on securing a date for
    beginning construction of your home. What an ordeal for you! We wish
    you the best.


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